The Age of Outrage

It is the age of outrage.  I would say it was the first, but that would just be a lie to cover my own ignorance. Obviously, there were the 60s… then the feminism of the 70s. The 80s claimed no outrage but instead gave it all up to excess, but the 90s rebounded nicely as the Internet brought us consumerism and global concerns. At the end of the ’00s we again have a nation apoplectic with rage.  

Are we better for it? A lot of talk rolls around about “engaging in the conversation” these days. Igniting any fire is acceptable as long it ends in that clause. But at the end of the talking, who is listening? 

I don’t have the answer to that question, I’m just asking. Yes, just talking

Do we dare to listen as much as we dare to burn with conviction?

The issues are real.  Real in a way that our vocabulary fails. Alarmingly? Disturbingly? Shockingly? All, and none. How do you make others care? 

What makes you care?


What say you?

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