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Against the Exodus From Exodus: Gods and Kings

Yes, black leather in the desert is completely unbelievable.

Yes, black leather in the desert is completely unbelievable.

Am I the only person who liked Exodus: Gods and Kings? Having just caught up to the controversy of Ridley Scott’s big budget epic, on DVD, I’m befuddled that both mainstream and Christian audiences have orphaned this film. In his review for Forbes, Scott Mendelson, weighing in for the secular audience, commented, “Nearly all of Exodus is a routine by-the-numbers retelling of an oft-told tale with little to justify itself beyond improved special effects.” Going on, he criticized wooden acting and casting problems, the latter addressed by Scott prior to the film’s release.

I’m a Christian, so I want to speak to the Christian film viewer, and dare you to give Exodus a fair shot on home release. I’ve been scouring the web for a Christian critique that makes sense to me, and so far I’ve come up with just one, in Christianity Today. Oh there’s plenty of criticism; it’s awful, petty, churlish, and riddled with hermeneutics. By comparison, there is a dearth of critique of the film as a viewing experience.   Continue reading

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Sky Captain and the World of Today

Get this – they’re making a blimp as long as two football fields. A BLIMP.
The thing would be huge, but it needs to be since it will carry up to 250 TONS of cargo.

Image courtesy Worldwide Aeros

It’s ridiculously amazing and though it’s way off in the future, with just the little version in testing right now, it’s still really incredible. Thank God that people are ingenious.

Here’s the scoop – It’s called Aeroscraft and the little version, the one currently in testing, is about 255 feet long. Nearly a football field. It carries about 50 tons of cargo. A car can weigh about one ton, or a hippo, or a whale. So put a bunch of those on board and off you go. Continue reading

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Comic Con 2013, San Diego, CA!

I’ve been blogging Comic Con over on

If you love pop culture, sci fi, books and movies as much I as do – check these out!

Day One: Nerd HQ, Psych Panel, NASA JPL panel

Day Two: Helix, Ender’s Game, Falling Skies, The 100

Day 3/4: Warner Bros, Marvel, 20th Century Fox, Richard Madden, Loki

More to come so keep an eye out.