You make me want to be a better woman

Connie Britton on Friday Night Lights makes me want to  be a better women – a better wife – and after 33 years, this is great feeling.  Not 33 years of marriage, but 33 years of entertainment.

The first time I remember being inspired by moving picture was when I was 7 and Princess Leia…yes, you heard that right…made me want to be regal.  White Nights made me want to be a dancer, Out of Africa made we want to visit see a bigger world, Logan’s Run made me interested in science (I know, but you never know where inspiration will come from.)  And I’d be remiss not to mention the way that Disney taught me that dreams, while they may only be that, are worth entertaining.

Connie’s character Tami embodies what I love about being a women – independence, smarts, sensitivity – a full plate of confusion mixed with certainty.

As the FNL crew moves on – thank you Ms. Britton, for reminding us that grace today can look like a wife, who is also a partner.


What say you?

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